Be Like Me.

Poem By Jeremy Willson

If I told you who I really was would you still think I'm pretty?
Cause honestly my intentions are pretty shitty
My words are my insurance to hold your thoughts hostage
Or maybe I'm invisible and I need a throat louzange
You can't see the person I'm arguing I'm not anymore
I pretend I'm different but it's hard to tell, you
That maybe I'm not as kind as I seem
I'm a bad human bein
I'm ready to be loved but I don't see it
I can't feel it, all around me I can hear it
I say what I say and I say I can't deal
Out the garbadge and the baggage that is my heart
Beat inside this chest like songs with deep bass
Deep connections are what I like
I don't have deep pockets but I have many cents
Sense to make you remember me if you leave me
You will miss me, I'm happy I can be a scar
I know that's wrong I'm selfish I've told you this
I am not gonna go away
I'm always here in this dark
Help me
Fucking go away
Don't save me
I'm so confusing I' m not easy
I am hard to get to know unless you decide to be me
Don't be me

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You captured the feeing very well. It almost felt as though I was sitting across from the speaker. 10

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