PR (6/3/1996 / Rajkot)

Be Like Water

Be like water
live like water

Be salty where needed
Be sweetly where needed
Be needed

Be brave like wave
Be unstoppable have aggressiveness
Flow ahead where needed
Flow back where needed
Be needed

Be pure like river
Be in rhythm have refreshment
Be swiftly where needed
Be calmly where needed
Be needed

Be everyone's desire like rain
Be irreplaceable have uniqueness
Be on time where needed
Be belated where needed
Be needed

Be deep like ocean
Go beyond limit
Be blesser where needed
Be destroyer where needed
Be needed

Be shapeless
Be unexpected
Fit everywhere
Fill everything with feelings
Be single where needed
Be mingle where needed
Be needed

Be changeable
As per situation to survive
Be icy where needed
Be vapore where needed
Be needed

Be independent
make your own way
no matter what way
just do it like water
Be like water
Live like water

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Comments (11)

An insightful analogy nicely drawn to drive home your conviction Pratik. Focussed and factual. Thanks for sharing.
pratik, i became aware of you from your comment on my little poem. so now i am exploring what you have posted. this is an excellent extended meditation on water. i'm impressed with it. i can tell reading it that english is not your first language, but the concept, imagination, the way you've visually shaped the poem show good poetic instincts. and, of course, as you point out, we should indeed be like water. glen kappy
Nicely crafted poem. I loved it Sir
Pani re pani tera rang kysa, jismeN mila do us jaisa. A beautiful poem on water.
The poem like a beautiful picture. I think!
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