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Be Me

today i got the words
that its cut
going through the motions
feels like i had enough
those things posted up
mi Vida loca
stings, real sharp pain
and it's hardly over
it's broken
i believed you
when you told me that
feel like a fool
it's ok cuz it showed me that
the rule of the heart is stronger
than the rule of the mind
my people tell me
you'll be calling in no time
but i don't think i want this
my heart is broken
but i don't blame you
the script done flipped
i done the same to you
is it to late for us?
we both want to stop trying
to see you with another
got me feeling like dieing
i refused to be played for a fool
and so did you
to forgive you and forget you
that's what I'm trying to do
it's not an overnight matter
you got a head start
for three weeks now
you've been playing your part
don't blame you for wanting to move on
you blamed it all on me
i played the bigger part
but it wasn't all me
if you would have told me how you felt
it wouldn't have been the same thing
no contact whatsoever
is how it's gotta be
it's up to you to pursue it
there's still time, will you do it?
some changes gotta be made
these games gotta be played
i won't hurt you like that
it sucks that you don't feel the shame
that was a low blow
and you know, things will never be the same
but you still on my brain
steady pulling on my heart-strings
only want you as my own
hoping you feel the same thing
i belived you when u said
there's probably no turning back
cuz i heard and seen what you did to matt
i'm not soft
i'm in the thick of love
my comforts are the fellowship
and The God above
deep down I'm going nuts
don't want to fight and fuss
remembering what you said
and put my trust
where it's supposed to be
in God almighty and do me
better yet
be me. be me. be me.

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