Be My Heroine O Africa

Be my heroine O Africa!

Sitting in the dark shining hut, I call on you.
Africa, with a certain hope and power.
I heard of your strength in the echoes of the past.
And the wind still blows a scintilla of beauty.
Whenever I say your sweetening name..
My heart rejoices with a great sense of relief..
I am your child, raised by your lullabies.
And the songs of your beauty spread over the lands.
I depend unendingly on your strength.
You are my heroine, you are my shield..
Whenever I am lonely, I sing your praises.
And the wìnds rustle the dry leaves,
 While animals stampede at your might..
Africa, the great warrior queen...
You are my life, the rhythm of my lute.
Mothers tell wondrous tales of you.
And the moon shines its lazy radiance,
Blessing your blessedness and beauty...
Lips of nations call your name with fear.
They tremble like boughs amid a harsh vale...
The milk from your breasts are refreshing,
And your smoothness pleasing.
Your skin is polished and eyes full of flashes..
At night your voice calms the view..
I am humbled by your courage..
I am in love with your smile.
Which blossoms like the roses..
Africa, the great warrior queen.
Conquered but now unconquerable..
Eagle flying amidst the eaglets.

by Pius beeps Adamu

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