AL (november 7,1957 / dapitan city)

... Be My Lady

I come with my empty hands, wonder
as I can do, blinded with my wish the desire that
only the heart can fashion the chance and
the changes to be in your side
forever in my days to live

looks something that in me you
as you will find the answer of your long forgotten
dream of question that you only can
answer my Dear, like window in the shadow of the moon
waiting to come yet! suddenly the light comes within
the wisdom of time

the oracle foretell that even the eyes is oblique
to listen into the heart of minds, the lantern
close to the window and
leaves no regrets but hold every line to smell the
fragrance of
Daffodils in the meadow

I maybe the strangers of fools, yes! I am the miler
of jewels in your dream

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