Be My Radha

Sneak away from your husband
And meet me deep in the jungle
Under cover of darkness.
Under my protection
In the deepest wilderness
Creeping with snakes and lizards
Still you will be safe.

I will tame tigers to lie beside us
And watch over us as we sleep
Entangled in each others arms
Me drunk on your charms
You sated with my seed
We will dream.

I will train cuckoos to wake us
Before the dawn breaks.
I will train fawns to lead you home
Through the rising mist
So that no one knows where you have been
During our secret trysts
On the nights the stars align in the sky
In our favor.

So come to me when you hear my call
In your waking dreams as you spin and weave.
I will be waiting with a repast fit for a queen.
I will wash your feet.
I will brush your hair.
I will tend to you
As a lover should.

If you will but surrender all of yourself to me
Each time we meet under the trees
In the quiet of the night.

by Suzanne Hayasaki

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