Be My Rocket Queen

You'll never feel bad anymore
You'll never hurt anymore
You'll never see me anymore

How am i suppose to feel
What am i suppose to know whats real
How am i suppose to make you feel
What am i suppose to steal

Be my rocket queen
Just tell me what you see
Cause i'm the only one here
I'm the only one thats clear
I'm the one who will never disappear

I'm your voice of treason
All you gotta do is give me a reason
Why do i feel this every season

Drain you of your sanity
Drain you of your ability
Drain you of your life

Can you recall?
Are you really there
Or do i have a delusion
While i'm under this confusion

Don't ever leave me
Say you'll always be there
All i ever wanted was for you to know that i care

by Mitchell Capriotti

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