Be My Space-Time Einstein Valentine

Valentine's, you missed it, too bad, he left no forwarding address-
I watched from the pub window
as a van from a high-class Consultant on
spatial and temporal problems
it implied
in one of those pretentious titles
of enterprising thirtyish freelance entrepreneurs
gunning for a profitable big corporation buy-out I guess
pulled up and parked in the very place
and for the very time
guaranteed to cause most disruption
to the desperate gotta-buy-her-sump'n traffic on the busy road
while I in my righteous citizen mode
frowned and awaited developments

until many minutes later
he returned
looking very pleased with himself
carrying a bunch
of not many red roses
in a cut-glass vase (clever florist) ,
i'm not sure about the water - the vase was tilted
in his hasty, laddish, anticipatory hand

and drove off.

by Michael Shepherd

Comments (6)

Excellent piece, you really nailed it. Nice story, you brought the encounter alive with words. I salute you.10+
er, nations. Quiet, H.
I'd love to know for real what his mate would have said to him when he got back in the van - in all the different nagtions of the world! I can so guess the English response...
Nice poem, Michael. You are a keen observer of people.
You're right about him - he was covering up his embarrassment at being seen, with the laddish bit - since he had a mate with him, in the front seat!
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