Fear Is Everywhere You Look

Everyone has a fear
They don’t even know where it comes from
Fear is everywhere you don’t have to look
There are fears that scare little kids
Like the dark or the monster in the closet
But without fear the world would fall into darkness
There are some people that fear other people
And some that fear water
But a lot of people fear the end of the world
There are people that do not have any fear
They are the people that are different
Even if they hide their fears from humanity
I am someone that is different
But I will tell you my fear
And that is
The fear of my friends dying first
I could not live with out my friends
A man once told me that fear is away to run
Show no fear even in the eyes of the end
Fear is everywhere you look
I told you my fear
I think that you have a fear too
But if you dare to tell
That is your choose
I do not control you
I have said that fear is everywhere you look
What is your worst fear? ? ?
I will not judge you if you tell! ! !

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i wish may she be thy valentine!
Meggie, You beseech your valentine but 'I Have Found My Valentine'. CP
love it, perfect for Valentine's Day! :)
Meggie, I love this. Very moving and nicely penned. You are always on top of your game emotionally. Your words, your images are easily envisioned and felt. Good work! Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours! Carol
beautiful write... Love keeps one happy every moment so every moment of love is valentine moment.. :)
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