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Be Nice

Be Nice

Eye for eye, tooth for tooth.
‘Tis what we’ve learnt
From the beginning of youth.
Let us dare to dispute
This popular paradigm.

Unless of course -
You live atop the highest hill
For which you paid the biggest bill
And the crimes you have committed
Needn’t be admitted.
‘Cause you’re happy where you’re seated,
And all that is needed
Is to make the people pay
For their misdemeanors o’ the day.

Most assuredly this must be done!
For the savior of everyone.
This may not be fun.
But think of the sun.
It may not, rise in the morn;
How are we to be sure,
We’re not the blame or the cure?

Instead – turn your weary head,
And receive the second strike.
For when you’re dead
You’re life will matter most.
So let us make a toast,
To those with courage
- To boast -
The most honorable kind,
So very hard to find.


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