JP ( / Canada)

Be Not Afraid: You And Me

Make up your mind-complicated thought,
Which lane to take in a two way
Street ahead, Choose a path but one,
And if you've to catch up, you ought.

Your mind's confused when honesty's
In recluse, come walk my way
And let's reveal the truth - a walk of destiny
Hang on tightly to me...
And let us build a path to life's reality.

Be not afraid of who you are to me,
I in return will make the best I see
Of who you are sans your infirmity
Just build your mind a solid destiny.

Now can you see decision has to be
But just a step-your feelings are so free,
Remember who you are to many just like me
Decide with ease between what not to be,
Fall back and forth but with solid identity
Discover you and me in a world of...
Truth and honesty.

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