Be Not The One

'Those chickens coming home to roost,
Are not going to remain...
Staying away from others in their own coops.'

Can't you see,
The brighter side of life...
As it is meant to be? ~

Haunted by their own beliefs,
Kept righteously to worship with a flaunting they keep...
Has descended to come to taunt them.

Run and in clear view they do seeking relief,
From those they sold to embolden themselves...
With selfish perceptions of being the chosen ones.

And with dispositions self centered positions they take,
Decisions made to purchase guns to murder, maim...
And hunt down those representing the elitist ones,
Becomes effectively done!
With excuses made to be victimized,
By standards they value to have them suffering from.

'These 'isolated incidents'...
Are becoming everyday occurrences.'

Be not the one,
To voice a pre-judgement done.
Just step around the bullet casings,
Shattered glass and splattered blood.
Eventually the reason behind this,
Will be effectively corrected.
But for now let's avoid it.~

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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