Be Pro-Active

Smoozed by gloss?
Rushing to buff up the gleam that shines?
Afraid to show dust collects on precious possessions?
And when defects begin to appear,
Are you the one to fear a reprisal?
To then stay awake all night long practicing pretensions?
Hoping to convince those unimpressed,
Your blemishes have been difficult to correct.
And is deserving of an empathy from others to get?
But you begin to notice none to you has been given?

Have you considered,
Covering yourself from head to toe...
To disguise yourself wherever you go.
So no one will detect you are the one to be suspected,
As condoning imperfection?

This you should try.
At least no one will know for certain...
Who is NOT attempting to get attention,
By hopping around publicly in a burlap bag...
To show anyone you have been cursed to live a life,
That has been flawed and this embarrasses.
Be pro-active.
Hopefully this action will prevent further criticisms.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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