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Be Quite

I will not give any person the glory
When hearing sadness that was just told
Most likely it is a fairy tale and not a story
Trying to sell me that tale, it can't be sold.
So please place your fingers upon your lips
I want to hear the truth and not your quips.

I have heard lies many times before
And I know they will be spoken again and again
But this time I know what I am listening for
Now I will laugh at you, you're the comedienne.
Instead of speaking lies just don't say a word
As I don't trust you, and you are absurd

I have listened to you as you spoke
You have judged others, but not yourself
Now I take you as a hater and a joke
I guess you hide your past deeds upon a shelf.
So if you don't mind and for my delight
Place your fingers on your lips, and be quite.

They say the guilty will scream the loudest
While the decent people they will always blame first
Remember the innocent person is always the proudest
They are the blameless, and not the cursed.
Now whenever you speak, all I hear is lies and smut
So if you don't mind, just keep your mouth shut.

I will not listen to the excuses why you are upset
From the lies and sins that others have committed
Now instead of excuses show some grief and regret
Because in the book of life, your deeds have been admitted.
So before you meet GOD you had better have some proof
Or better yet, say not a word as GOD already knows the truth.

Randy L. McClave

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