Be Still......

This was written in Jan 07 while out on an outreach camp
up in the hills with lots of waterfalls and streams,
and I wrote this actually sitting on a boulder mid stream.
It was the most peaceful moment of my life,
and I hope to go back some day soon and spend
some quiet time again.: -)


As I sit upon this rock,
right in the middle of the stream,
time stands still,
its as tho' in a dream.

The wonders of your creation,
brings me closer to you,
I feel your presence surround me,
and my heart opens up to you.

You, who just by your 'word'
said 'Let there be' and it 'was'
our human minds too limited,
to comprehend your worth!

Your perfection can be seen,
in all that is around us,
The stars, the moon, the sun,
the mountains and the rivers!

And thru' the beauty of nature,
your awesomeness is known,
from the smallest creatures crawling,
to the flowers of radiant colors shown!

You are God, and I your creation,
I'm here to love you,
and to seek your blessings!

by Pauline Raina

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A beautiful write here Pauline! Powerful and capturing, a pleasure to read! ! *10*! ! Best wishes, Fried Thad