(26 March 1859 – 30 April 1936 / Worcestershire)

O How Good You Are,

O how good you are,
you endure my groaning!
Your grand pianos are luxe,
sound in them is growing.

Lull me inside yourself
cause anyway we are drunkards.
And I'm lulled to death
by poems. For pride, most likely.

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Human feeling in such beautiful way here created into a poem and nice.
......if only we could have peace for everyone...then life would truly be a dream....
its a good flawless poem
Alfred Edward Housman, a scholar of great note, a man who felt so deeply, and on this page he wrote, of the surging tide of feeling, that hemmed him to the ground, ah, what a man was Housman, who lives on his renown.
1] Let us endure an hour and see injustice done. 2] Oh why did I awake? when shall I sleep again? 3] Be still, my soul, be still; the arms you bear are brittle, Earth and high heaven are fixt of old and founded strong. Much perhaps to bag the coins for our journey. Nice put.
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