Be Straight

Don't condescend,
When there is no need to be.
Choose to be straight.
Decide to be upfront and direct.
Too many have chosen to be evasive.
Too many have chosen to mask and fake.
Too many have traded in their integrity!

Be honest! Forget procrastinating to hesitate.
At least don't pretend truthfulness does not exist.
Refuse to be entangled,
With those who persist...
In debating to bait needless arguments.
Choose your living of a life that is better,
Without buttering up conflicts to allow and permit.

Be straight. Be direct.
Get rid of those thoughts of wanting to please.
Offend those who deceive,
To choke on your doses of honesty to leave...
For them to receive.
Be straight. Be direct.
And be relieved of mind with a peace pressure free.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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