DC (10.11.1969 / Chennai)

Be That Beauty From Within

Wonderfully beautiful as a Queen,
A wonderwoman that no man has seen,
A smile which is innocent and warm,
Dashini, to others you mean no harm.

Lost at times, your mind wanders,
In the darkness of this worldly affairs,
Forget the past and begin a new,
Wonderful and rewarding life.

Smile is your blessing
smiling you will win someday,
You are a good friend and an Angel,
Begin another wonderful chapter from today.

Forget your past and embrace the future,
There is much to know, learn and grow,
Seek good friends who cheer you up,
And always welcome you with roses.

Always smile and glow,
To light others life,
Surrender to Him the almighty,
And you can see his beauty from your within.

Good luck for life!

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A refined poetic imagination, Deepak. You may like to read my poem, Love And Iust. Thank you.
Physical beauty is only skin deep..true beauty is found in the heart and soul...
The second line of this poem is questionable, since no man can imagen or find beautiful what he has never seen or has had thought of it. I suppose that this line only serves the rhyme but not the purpose for the same does not make much sense. There are similar inadequacies in the poem but I will not go through them; it will take too much space and time. Thanks!
A poem of hope and inspiration. Congratulations for poem of day place.
let friends be your guide and the past will ease and love will come
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