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Be The Change

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world” is one of Deborah’s favorite quotes
She paints it, reminds our children and grandchildren and writes it down in notes.

Gandhi never spoke those exact words...no need to worry or lament
They were paraphrased from his writings and I’m sure that’s what he meant.

For he believed in telling the truth and that all people should be free
He believed in protest but was adamant that it be done nonviolently.

He led India to independence to his country’s sheer delight
And continued to work around the world for freedom and civil rights.

He was a peaceful man whose only goal was to help the human race
You could hear the kindness in his voice and see the gentleness on his face.

He will be remembered for how he lived a life nonviolent and dignified
And, sadly, for the irony in the manner in which he died.

January 30,1948 on his way to a prayer meeting and no doubt feeling blessed
An assassin walked right up to him and put three bullets in his chest.

The world knew right away that act of violence was wrong
Proof of what Mohandas Gandhi was saying all along.

In a world filled with violence and hatred Gandhi was unique
I have no doubt if he had survived he would have turned the other cheek.

For he knew violence upon violence will be the bane of all mankind
When he said and eye for an eye will only succeed in making the whole world blind.

This simple man who lived a simple life knew what the effects of violence would do...
Someday I hope the rest of the world will understand it too.

Oh there’s one more thing I’m sure Gandhi knew, when all is said and done
You can kill the person speaking but you can’t silence his message with a gun

That’s why today long after his death his message continues to unfurl
Anyone can be the change...and gently shake the world.

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Astonishe i viewed two wtites on Gandhi to day the day of his assasination. Gandhiji who is known as Bapu in India can never be denied whatever the age comes. He introduced a new formulae for struggle. your write is a great tribute to the departed immortal soul. Thank you for sharing. with due regards.