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Be The Light...

Be The Light...

Poem By Vijaiya Ramkissoon

You are a precious gem amongst stones.
You are a star shining most brilliantly
In the darkness of the night.

Be that star and hope that you can serve
As a beacon of hope and light the path
For those around you.

Be a shining example of beauty and divinity
Leading the way and leaving a trail
For others to emulate.

Live so that others may look up to you,
And follow the path of goodness and nobility
Which you thread upon.

When situations seem tough at times
And circumstances are beyond control
Don’t stop shining.

Remember that stars glitter most brightly
And shine with all their exquisiteness
In the darkest of hours.

So be the light, be the brightest star
And continue being who you truly are…

Bless! !

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Comments (3)

and I WILL! ! another great poem verry inspiring i like it.
Night still burns brilliant by the glimmering gallaxy sun when blazes the glory of light light yet never wanes in its path hope when gleaqms by the dream life yet glitters by the reason of actions...........an unique poem inspires even shrouded by the mist, path being trudged even shadowed by the darkness, yet luscious green, excellent write,10+++..., thabnks for sharing
i love the message, the last lines are a nice finish :)