Be The One To Leave (Positive Opinions)

Positive opinions,
When they are given...
Can be the only medicine needed,
To uplift to leave a benefit.

A positive opinion when it's given,
Can be...
The best gift one can get,
To push aside a negative effect.

Too many live to not get credit.
But debited with disrespect.
Too many have stacked on their backs,
Attached worries others pack.
Compounding their own burdens,
To have no one expressing concern,
About that.
Well you can,
Be the one to leave it done.
A positive opinion another gets...
To uplift with it mentioned.
And to give it attention.

Yes you can,
Be that one to do it done.
With positive opinions,
Left to leave.
To uplift one from their burdens.

Yes you can.
With positive opinions,
Said and done.
To uplift.
And help rid another's burdens.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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Positive approach towards life is in itself an elixir and it's sharing with others definitely works out wonders in their lives too. Thanks for sharing this inspirational and thought provoking poem.10 points.