What I Remember About You

I remember a wonderful day
It was the day I met you for the first time
I don't remember what made that day so wonderful
Maybe it was the the way you could always have fun and you were always smiling

I remember the time I met you
It was July third 2005 at your neighbors house and you were setting off firework
I don't remember talking much on the third
but I am known for getting shy especally around new people that I haven't met
I remember the first question you asked me
It was Ahh, Hey do you want to come to my house and set off some firework tonight

I don't remember why I said yes that sounds like fun
Maybe it was your kind and caring voice I don't normally say yes even to my best friends

I remember a forth of July at your house
It was about seven o'clock and we setting off fireworks and a police officer told use to stop

I don't remember having such a blast sents then
Maybe it is because you are loads of fun to be around and you are the life of the party
I remember the first time we talked
It was July forth 2005 at your house when we met up for fireworks

I don't remember who started the conversations
and I normally don't forget that type of stuff this easily
I remember your three favorite colors
It was at school and you said your favorite colors are winter-white, black, and yellow

I don't remember what I did with the christmas presents
I did make one for you and some other friends Hmm..I think they are in my bedroom some where
I remember the first thing I gave you
It was the last day of school before Christmas break i gave you some kissable candies

I don't remember ever giving away chocolate before
I guess there is a first for every thing though even for me getting rid of candy
I remember your sixteenth birthday
It was March fourteenth 2006 and you passed your road test
I don't remember the last time I saw you outside of your car
I mean out side of school when I say that by the way nice music sounds like what I listen to

by Amber Lyn Charneski

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I enjoyed this one. It may seem simple and obvious; but speaking from first hand experience, it sure can take you a long time to learn the wisdom of 'be the one'. (smile)