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Be There
NB (march 20 / Arlington)

Be There

not everytime that you need someone there going to be there.
im not asking for you to be there
but it would be nice to know that you care.
but now i know where i belong in your life..
not even in it..

im not a major priority to you,
im juss a hello; good bye.
thats not what i want.
infact if all you cann do is give me a hello; good bye.
im not taking that no more.

either look me in the eyes & tell me you need me.
otherwise i wont turn back.
everyone is not what they use to be, ,
just full of b.s. & agony.

i will not beg.
i will not turn bck.
you did this.
so forget it.

no apoligies,
no sorries.
'cuz if you cared,
i would be there.

not juss hello; good bye.
its juss time to move on & never look back.

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