<≪≪ When I Miss You (Song)

When I miss you
I tell the clouds to take the form of you
Before we sit face to face
From nowhere a howling wind cuts in
And the shape of you
I lose in my imagination
Flummoxed a bit I hurriedly take the way to home
Apprehending a storm
On the earth
In my mind
But get solace thinking
We are under the same sky
Breathing the same air
No matter how far or how close you are
But important are your happiness
Your well being
My wish and pray are always with you
Wherever you are, have a nice time
Stay blessed and healthy
I would be very glad to see you again
Early in the morning among the same cloud
In the same sky.

by Abdul Wahab

Comments (6)

There so much passion in your poetry...its lovely
I like this one the best of what I have seen, so far. Word choice, flow, and brevity were all effective.
wow, i love the Rhythm of this poem, your quite the poet.
I like this poem's repetition of beginning words. It gives the poem a crispness that conveys a lot of meaning with simple words. The words are very carefully chosen. This is the ideal poem to read because it is short and very poetic. I hate to read long poems. Very good poem.
for such a young age you have a very strong hold on words...in the words of sherrie, strong and beautiful sums this poem up perfectly...never stop writing
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