Convinced Me She Is….

Is she an angel?
I asked the stars
They were dubious

The angelic smile,
The ruddy cheek and
Divine magnanimity
Convinced me she is…

Is she a glacier?
I asked the arctic mountains
They were too, dubious

The radiant beauty,
The well carved and
The blazon sculptured features
Convinced me she is…

Is she an icy mountain stream?
I asked the icy mountains
They were too, dubious

The sweet rippling gift of the gab,
The flashy blue eyes and
The wavy hair
Convinced me she is…

Her presence in my infinity dreams,
With all her grace and beauty
Made me a man of desires
Hence, whispered, I love her, I love her,

I Love you.. I Love you.. I cried, as loudly as I could
My love to hear my love
But the winds snatched it and
The clouds then, if she heard my yelps, I am dubious…

April 16-2009

by Nooruddeen Mathilakathveetil

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Comments (6)

There so much passion in your poetry...its lovely
I like this one the best of what I have seen, so far. Word choice, flow, and brevity were all effective.
wow, i love the Rhythm of this poem, your quite the poet.
I like this poem's repetition of beginning words. It gives the poem a crispness that conveys a lot of meaning with simple words. The words are very carefully chosen. This is the ideal poem to read because it is short and very poetic. I hate to read long poems. Very good poem.
for such a young age you have a very strong hold on the words of sherrie, strong and beautiful sums this poem up perfectly...never stop writing
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