Be There

Poem By jodi right

Be there

Take my body
And hold me dear for I shall fall
Take my hand
And comfort me keenly for I shall weep
Take my mouth
And kiss me passionately for I shall live again
Take my soul
And love me tenderly for I shall be cherished

Comments about Be There

There so much passion in your poetry...its lovely
I like this one the best of what I have seen, so far. Word choice, flow, and brevity were all effective.
wow, i love the Rhythm of this poem, your quite the poet.
I like this poem's repetition of beginning words. It gives the poem a crispness that conveys a lot of meaning with simple words. The words are very carefully chosen. This is the ideal poem to read because it is short and very poetic. I hate to read long poems. Very good poem.
for such a young age you have a very strong hold on the words of sherrie, strong and beautiful sums this poem up perfectly...never stop writing

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4,5 out of 5
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