CM (1/30/82 / baton rouge louisiana)

Be These Words

What I say today is something I believe.
The world may take it personal.
My opinion are my views on society.
Nobody should be rich.
I said it before know I have taken it into context.
People watch as other suffer and even children in pain.
What do u have to say to make me stop writing.
Does the world have a heart.
All the these so call stars that people idolize.
Open your eye's this is life your love should be my love.
I pity all who are wraped up in there own selfish ways.
The bread and meat we eat should be shared to every culture.
If every one in the world had a dollar no one would go hungry.
I say look past greed and see the big picture of every child need.
The world does not need obama he no were near a god.
What is true are these words written before you.
Why do we worship material things the mona lisa is scrap.
Such acts we create should be unmask for it's not authentic.
All in all we will save ourselves look at these words.
Read them clearly what do you know about saving someone life.
I hope to save millions with one word but I need your help to save the world.

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