Be Unafraid To Make Mistakes

Not deciding for yourself,
Who or what you wish to be...
Is no reason why you should,
Make comparisons that could...
Limit your activities,
For others you wish to please.
Only to then discover,
Those you wish and want to appease...
Are themselves lost without identity.

Take steps and be unafraid to make mistakes.
And in the process of admitting them,
You will realize the obstacles you come to face...
Become quicker to remove,
Than to pretend them not to exist.
Like many who live in denial to prove,
Fools are a dime a dozen!
But you have a choice to choose,
Not to make those choices made to follow and to do.

Be unafraid to make mistakes.
A wisdom will eventually come.
But some afraid to make mistakes,
Repeatedly fear the doing with no wisdom done.
And with none to come to welcome.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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