Be Well

Be well.
Stay honest and confident 'within'.
Remember, what ever is outside of yourself...
You are in it and not of it.
We are here not to create change.
We are here to assist the creation of it!
That is all we are asked here to do.
And yet so many are undoing what needs to be done,
Uncaring or showing a daring...
To spare the world from pain!

Be well.
And remain reflective.
Never neglect to be happy.
Or be able to at least increase it.
Let those of dark consistent memories free.
Let them be and be you!
And be well.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (3)

inspirational poem, well written
Me too, Lawrence. You have such a great hope and truth in these words. I needed this tonight, as hard and desperate as I need to write. Thank you for helping an old girl forget her pain a little, and remember hope. Thanks.10 ++
This is exactly, precisely what I needed this morning... and flowingly, pensively penned of course. I do enjoy those pieces of yours which are packed with imperatives. t x