Be Wise...

Poem By Jake Ryu

(Stanza 1)
The planning would pay off, when nothing goes wrong,
Today, in the moment of fate.
You could see it in their eyes, the stress that the guys,
Got before robbing the bank.
They'd been planning for weeks, plotting bad deeds,
Thinking of every possibility.
But one of the men, was conflicted within,
About whether to show humility.
(Stanza 2)
He was doing it for the money, his daughter and honey,
Were almost out of a house.
He was doing what he could, but whether he should,
Was the thing that conflicted him the most.
He decided to do it, although he thought through it,
There was surely nothing he could do.
They got in the Chevy, with their ski masks ready,
Their weapons in their laps too.
(Stanza 3)
"Let me out! " He said, to the driver pled,
"What are you doing? " The man asked.
"I just can't do it, put my wife and kid through it.
Can't talk to them behind bullet-proof glass."
"When has your conscience risen? " "I can't go to prison! "
He exclaimed with a great deal of force.
"I'll let you out, but don't you pout, when none of the money is yours."
"I'll find a job, It's better than being behind cold locked doors."
(Stanza 4)
The driver let him out, without too much shout,
And the man walked all the way home.
He told his wife, what he planned that night,
And she thanked him for the courage he showed.
For she told him that day, on the late news at eight,
The men had been rushed to prison.
A policemen had been there, checking his balance, where,
He had shot the robbers with precision.

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