** Be With Me **

As I awoke one morning,
a bright summers day
amidst glimmer of sunshine
peeped underline
the windows
opening my driveway.
The scent in the air brings
The roses in full swing
Carried within its wings
your unspoken word’s zing.
Come to my heart and be with me

On the silk of my hair,
A fragrance left there
Like the musk of the deer
In heat when you're near
Stands implanted
Knitted and sewed
in strands of gold
Thy name,
etched with blood of my soul
Then come to my heart and be with me

Can I speak of parting verses?
Then ask, as much, of me to do
Words don’t part, but my lips rehearse
Sealed with kisses
From your cherried lips dismisses
No winters last forever
No storms blow forever
Then I revel in the rhythm of the
Beats of your heart.
O come then, come to my heart and be with me

Tore indeed the veil of your heart
to see, my name inscribed in art
Then why do you start
Counting my kisses
on the face of another’s fine chart?
Is it just to see me
reeling with sadness
revealing truths like holy scripts madness.
then silence makes sweet the presence depart.
O just come to my heart and be with me



Comments (21)

A wonderful poem, very appealing! The title attracts and the text convinces the readers that you are a poet of natural talent.10/10 from me.
be with me in poetfreak.com too.
Compelling and creative to the core. Well done my friend! 10/10
If no one is there. I will surely respond and will be with you as u requested me in your poem (provided u wrote the poem for me! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !)
Added to my fav.......
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