Be You Pursued

Be you pursued!
This day.
Be you,
With patience kept.
Freed of memories,
Bringing tears to eyes...
Once wept now dry.

Be you pursued!
This day.
With a closed not to openly inspect,
Treasure chest.
Waiting for that special one to come,
And identify a suffering done now overcomed to go.
With a showering of light that bestows clear and cloudless sky.

Be You,
Don't give away what has been given to you,
As a gift...
For all that you have been through.
Reveal that treasured chest to only the best.
To an open heart that connects and sparks start.

Protect your assets.
With the best invest your mind and time.

Be you now pursued!
With a self worth you know is valued.
To be recognized by the one who knows life...
As you do too!

Be you...
Pursued to be cherished.
And be loved by the one for you,
Who is true.
Be you now that one pursued.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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