Be You Uplifted

Be you uplifted with those gifts you get.
Keep them polished with unrelenting persistence.
Never be persuaded to abandon them to quit.
Since jealousy and envy will always be there to insist,
Your performance is useless with a worthlessness to it.

Be you uplifted with those gifts that benefit.
Keep them focused upon to eventually notice,
An unfolding to behold coming within sight to exist.
And it wont matter who tries to diminish efforts attempted.
Or deny your endeavors can be severed to allow them to drift.

Be you uplifted and convinced,
The gifts given to you are yours and were meant.
And if you decided one day to give them all away,
There would be no one but you to prove they are yours to stay.
To do with as 'you' choose with commitment that does not stray.

Be you uplifted with it unneeded to mention...
That gifts given to you were intended and meant for 'you' to use.
And nothing given to received to one intentional,
Has been done with a doing to satisfy a sacrificing...
A discipline one devotes and does not lament nor wished betrayed.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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