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Be Yourself

Trust yourself and have faith in you
Bullies can't hurt you, they are few!
Why fear! Be smart and take my note
Nobody ever sees you when you vote!
Don't disclose it and protect privacy
Nakedness is a shame and messy!
Do not discriminate on religion, color
Try keeping your sentiment higher!
Culture, character all are already in you
Born as the human, don't add anything new!
A believer or nonbeliever, doesn't a matter
You are on your own, just a go getter!
Temples and leaders never gave peace
Everyday, be yourself without their thesis!

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Comments (32)

Self confidence and self esteem and their importance re emphasized in a confident tone. Heartiest congrats on poem of the day.
A magnificent work! To be yourself, you have to part with all bonds, including the shackles imposed by beliefs. This goes to myfavourites. And congratulations on the Poem of the Day.
Be yourself, but try to be a better self every day! Congratulations, Chan, for having this selected as poem of the day AGAIN! Please read my latest, " Skinny-Dipping" . Thanks.
Be yourself! ! Positiveness! With righteous morals; Accepting all mankind without racism. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
This magnificent work directly touches my heart! Many congratulations for this beautiful poem being chosen as Poem of the Day!
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