Be Yourself

Trust yourself and have faith in you
Bullies can't hurt you, they are few!
Why fear! Be smart and take my note
Nobody ever sees you when you vote!

by Chan Mongol Click to read full poem

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Self confidence and self esteem and their importance re emphasized in a confident tone. Heartiest congrats on poem of the day.
A magnificent work! To be yourself, you have to part with all bonds, including the shackles imposed by beliefs. This goes to myfavourites. And congratulations on the Poem of the Day.
Be yourself, but try to be a better self every day! Congratulations, Chan, for having this selected as poem of the day AGAIN! Please read my latest, " Skinny-Dipping" . Thanks.
Be yourself! ! Positiveness! With righteous morals; Accepting all mankind without racism. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
This magnificent work directly touches my heart! Many congratulations for this beautiful poem being chosen as Poem of the Day!
A nice poem on how to keep yourself independent from any outside influence. Thought provoking write. Congrats on being selected as the poem of the day.
Congrats on the second time of being the chosen member for the day
I found this poem has been selected as the member poem of the poem of the day for second time. Hence I congratulate you again with thanks dear Chan, May God bless you. It is really a beautiful poem.
Very insightful and apt piece of poetry.
last one Part: You have created a brilliant poem about have trust in yourself, building up a strong personality. Be yourself, excellent!
CONGRATULATIONS being chosen by Poem Hunter as The Member Poem Of The Day. Hurray! Thanks a lot for sharing this subject, Chan! I have enjoyed a very lot Brilliant lines concerning the Title. Powerful words, very strong. BUT First I have faith in God and then just trust the self and have faith in myself. BUT you may be right, I cannot talk for you, but I let God decide first of all and then it is my turn.
Nice poem...full of uplifting, positive sentiments! ! ! I notice that it has somewhat irked ' The Professor of Poetry'. Pity about no attention!
Do not discriminate on religion, color Try keeping your sentiment higher! ...//// true poetic writings
Though the advice given here has some validity, the poem could have been made better eliminating some of the rhymes. Several of them serve the making of them but not the poetic meaning. In a poem like this one, I wish more space to give it good treatment.
An admirable poem.Full of positive thoughts.
Great advice. Trust yourself and have faith in yourself.
I love the main idea expressed in these well written verses. Searching forever for truth. Let us open all windows of our mind, heart and soul, let all knowledge come in, but then put it all through a filter of wisdom and let our deepest inside decide. Thought provoking poem.
An inspiring poem that inspires one to be 'just oneself'.
Nice one.. real 10 This is the only option we must understand its relation what do we gain from shedding the bloodshed? in that case, we all shall be dead in coming years Hasmukh Amathalal Mehta