When dusk descends on ever-crowded Nags head,
The happy splashy sounds of the beach crowd
slowly fade away, as they leave the surf and
Sand until another sunny day. Homeward bound cars congest Croatian Highway
While a sunburnt surfer and bikinied lass
stroll slowly, hand in hand,
As they head for the nearby ice cream stand,
Where they can buy a tasty treat, hooray! The beach is now a dark and gloomy shroud
As the golden hued sun disappears behind
the distant clouds,
And the only sounds to be heard are those
Of the surf and wind,
Recalling what a happy day, it had been!

by Franklin "Frankie" Kam

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I was interested in this poem, as I strive to be an ocean air breather. I'm a Hamptons transplant to the NC Piedmont (not near enough to the beach!) and have been to Nags Head, of course. What glared at me in this poem is the reference to the 'Croatian Highway'....assumedly, that was a misprint. I can only guess that the author meant Croatan Highway (as in the Croatan Forest) ? Nice work otherwise.