Beachcombing Bri ….[ Inspired By P H's " Beachcombers All Of Us ", By Laurie Van Der Hart; Shell-Shopping; Vacation Pros And Cons; Short ]

The plane fare to the tropic island was $900 (round-trip) ,
and on the island's thorny growth, my Armani swim suit did rip.
Our rustic sleeping accommodations there were another $1000 a night,
and our so-so meals were 'extra', AND prices on their wine list were 'out of sight'!

by Bri Edwards Click to read full poem

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Beachcombing Bri - lovely title! Such an expensive beach resort! I loved Valsa's comment on this poem. I am asking the same question. Bri, why did you need a bikini, that too, of unknown origin? Ha, ha. ha......can't stop laughing. You are really funny!
This one goes to myfavourites, Bri...I love beaches. I'm not far from some magnificent ones. That's a good thing....I must be thinking someone is out of pocket 1k per night for what's for me a short walk from the humble abode. Great poem.
Congrats! You enjoyed a happy vacation.
Part 2- -enjoyed this piece very much...10
Hmmmm. When we were younger we would vacation with a sleeping bag, tent, and bags upon bags of snacks and the joy of beachcombing was free- -all those jars of sea shells still decorate the house and the memories our hearts. But the older we get the more we need our beds and showers and hotel dinners to be pleased..
Sounds like a fabulous place to go on holiday in fact I think I have been there before as I remember the thorny growth being a problem, and yes before you ask i was going about my own business collecting shells when a young lady asked me if had I seen a yellow polka dot bikini top on my travels? No I said but I know someone who has! So I gave her your contact details BRI.
Very expensive but enjoyable beach combing!
You can carry all these treasures - a small compensation for the tremendous cost you incurred for your trip and stay. But I don't understand why you need a bikini....! ! However enjoyed your beach combing!
Armani swimsuit huh? A dreadful thought...