South Padre Island,
Ranks among the best.
South Beach,
And those along Key West...
Are favorite beaches,
I am blessed to have witnessed.

Long Beach and along the Pacific Coast...
Breathtaking are these scenic views,
With a temptation to remove one's shoes!

And the cruiseway connecting Tampa and Clearwater...
Ought to be outlawed for providing too much beauty!
And Ogunquit needs to stop it!
It's magnificence really is an eye popper!
Cape Cod and Pebble Beach.
I've tossed and turned...
Thinking about them in my sleep!

These beaches that grace our wonderful shores...
Should be visited for their exquisiteness.
If anyone believes,
Their lives are boring beyond their doors.

There is so much to explore and see.
Just sitting quietly on these beaches...
And letting one's imagination stretch and reach!
Like the cresting of the waves...
Massaging the sands.
As Seagulls dip for fish,
While the lilting fingers felt from breezes...
Display a coolness beneath Sun rays,
Quickly drying ocean mist!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (1)

Ahh the tranquility of the beach...except at the height of summer when you ca'nt get a postage stamp between fat asses.Oh and in Britain it no good gulls catching fish as they've all been hoovered up by Spanish factory ships plundering our fishing grounds...But....the best beaches here are in the far north of Scotland at a place called Durness.Always wanted to visit Cape Cod..Closest Iv'e been is Boston. All the best old beachcomber.. Sid.