I am a dreaming man
as I fly across the skies
and I sail to Heaven's gate
then across a burning lake
then I rebound back to earth
I am thankful for my bride
when my head is in the stars
she holds my feet to solid earth
keeps me planted in the dirt
she is my love a gift from God
When I was five I should had died
as my blood came out I cried
then I heard from my God
'You shall not die it's not your time'
but then I learned to dream and fly
in my mind across the sky
in my mind's eye
I flew along the Milky Way
I could not stay... I could not stay
So I will live another day
And to my God I pray
that I am thankful for my wife
and I am thankful to my God
for His beacon in my life
as I taught myself to fly

by Andy Caldwell

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Your poem took me to the milky way. Lovely write on your beloved one Rini