Beacon Lights

The Lord has given us three beacon lights
That lead and guide us on life's way.
They shine and glow and ease the darkest nights;
And brighten up the saddest day.

The first is Faith, its beam is bright and strong.
It governs how we act and talk
And leads us so we know the right from wrong
And guides our feet where'er we walk.

And then there's Hope, to make our life worthwhile;
To know the sun shines after rain.
For when we're sad, because of hope, we smile.
We know the Lord will ease our pain.

The last of these three beacon lights is LOVE.
There's human love for me and you.
And then there's love that comes from God above;
That governs everything we do.

These beacon lights are ours to guide our life.
They light our path where're we roam.
Protect our soul when all about there's strife;
And lead us to our Heavenly home.

by Carl G. Schrade

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