Beak Kind To Birds!

Beak kind to birds both near and far,
Both high and low as well...
To me, each bird's a superstar!
In fact, to me, they're swell!
Beak kind to birds and show you care
With titbits now and then...
And watch with wonder as they share
Their breakfast once again!
Beak kind and keep your cats at bay...
Else feeding birds take flight!
It's nicer seeing birds at play
Than watching them take fright!
Beak kind to birds, give them their space
So they may co-exist...
For none on Earth can take their place,
So they'd be sorely missed!
Beak kind to birds, they'll flock to you -
They're all our feathered friends!
It doesn't matter, black or blue...
Beak kind - 'cos it makes sense!

Denis Martindale, copyright 2003.

Update: Mid February 2012, I saw a beautiful TV advert.
It was about garden birds trying to get a table so they
could eat their food. It was like us when we go out for
the evening to a really posh restaurant...

The peckishbirdfood-dot-com website has the TV advert,
if you'd like to see the pretty birds all in a row...

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by Denis Martindale

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