Bear It Like A Brahmin

Have no fear, my dear,
Said the snake to the nestling,
As it flapped its puny wings
In an effort to escape
That was as frantic as it was futile.

You are my dinner.
You are my treat.
You are the offering.
You are my meat.

You will sustain me.
You will maintain me.
Your life force will give itself to mine.
But your soul will be set free
To fly to the four winds and mingle with eternity.
Does that not sound like an adventure?

Have no fear said the tempest to the peasant.
It is true that I have stripped away every possession
You have spent your life laboring to amass.
But what is the sense
In sitting trapped in those tiny confines,
Gazing at paintings of epic scenes
When you know that your soul too yearns to be heroic.
Free of encumbrances
Free of entanglements
Free of anything that weighs you down
And distracts you from the pilgrimage you know you must take,
You are free to journey to your innermost self.
Which is where we must all begin our search for the truth.

Have no fear said the Grand Canyon to the tumbleweed.
If I had not withdrawn my water
You never would have broken your umbilical cord with me.
But now you are free.
To travel topsy-turvy wherever the wandering winds may blow you.
In forcing you to surrender to the elements
I have set you in perpetual motion.

You have no idea what comes next.
You have no control over any moment of anything.
Do you realize the gift that is?
You are finally free of your ego!
You are one step closer to Enlightenment.
Give in!
Let Fate carry you where She will!
It is your only choice.
It is your only hope.
It is the only way to be free.

Free to fly with me!
Do you dare?

by Suzanne Hayasaki

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