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Bears Can Show Love, Too!

oh cried little crow, save me, save me, save me
I am drowning in this pool, I can't swim
in the deep water, crow struggled to be free

at the zoo anything can happen, be alert be aware
a big friendly bear says crow, I will save you
in the afternoon sun, bear lounged without a care

help me, help me, cried crow, bear what's taking you so long
bobbing up and down in the water, trying to flap his wings,
will I make it out of here alive, will I ever sing another song?

lazily bear sauntered over, and pulled crow from his pool
crow laid there for a moment, to catch his breath
then stood up, and said bear you're my hero, you're so cool

bear smiled, took a bow, and sauntered over to eat his lunch
and crow, he was flapping the water from his wings
bear I am forever in your debt, thanks alot, thanks a bunch!

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A timely help it saved the crow. Beautiful story and told in such good poem and likes.
Nice story beautifully narrated. All is well that ends well. Thank you.
What a beautiful story, loved the way you told it! Yes bears can be loving and very peaceful if they are not hungry and don't feel threatened. Thank you for share, I think it was a greatest moment for the kids who were there, to learn from a bear to be compasionate does't happen often. Thank you for share, loved both the read and the video!
great poem i truly enjoy it keep write
Comments of Stephen Kotana let me knew that it is a description of a video but youtube is banned in Pakistan. But your poem is also a lovely video.
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