Beast Of Love


They run.
Screaming and shouting.
Unaccustomed to what it is they hear.
Unaccustomed to what it is that comes.
And then it nears.
To suddenly appear.

It is...
The beast of love.
Without intellectual philosophy to give.
Tossing about acts from the heart.
Hoping to go much further.
Than words to express how best to affect,
With a touch kiss and caress.
Unfamiliar to those more impressed by correctness.
Without affection felt or emotion connected.

This beast roars.
With hips passionately thrusted.
And prepared to bare as if it a must.
To expose and make known,
Its very soul shown to entrust.
Everywhere stampeding this beast releases loves.
Stampeding to defeat hatred this beast does.

And still the people run and scream.
Nothing like it before,
Had they experienced or believed it seen.
Most had known hatred and taught to demean.
Yet the beast of love,
Has come to cease...
All their cravings for hatred.
Meaningless indifferences.
As this beast leaves love.
To be just love as is.

The people stop running.
As hatred to feel it suddenly disappears.
And kept fears of their indifferences,
Become too petty to keep it fed.
Since the beast of love,
Left an abundance of it to feed upon instead.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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