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Beat Between North Beach And Haight Ashbury
TJW (02-20-1980 / Fargo, North Dakota)

Beat Between North Beach And Haight Ashbury

Poem By Tyler Joseph Wiseman

Amidst the fervor of fog, a silent appeal
in the lighthouses ghostly tendril
beckoned me to the shore
of which I could not be certain
I was marrow damp, chilled
by masses flitting in an instant
before they were gone the next,
specters dead from too much life
The martini signs which characterized
all of the debaucheries opulence
shone a distilled red, clinging to the night
like it was some drunkard's gut
I died in the similes of the valley, years back
and the metaphors of the beach, they beat me
until I could only seek respite in the concrete shoal
of San Francisco, Pier 39 to Golden Gate
Everything else was abhorrent to my soles,
the foot beat excruciating, the junkies and queers,
an evolutionary leap from Burrough's legacy
Ginsberg is now juxtaposed
Go to NYC, but not so long it makes you soft
and go to 'frisco, though not so long it makes you cold

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