Beat The Beast

Poem By Ebi Robert

My tempter hurled memento of the
Brunt of pain and suffering when the
rubies weren't dancing,
Even when life danced the dancing.
Gaunt kisses of cursed cookware,
when not free from cursed nature.

Swallowed by the governess of maw,
Threatened if we do not bow,
And licked by tongue of the beat.
You've tried God and us, diurnal-beast.
Your defacement to our face is faceless,
They do not dare to do the less.

I am one in all, evil foe,
If you care to know so.

See the room in green-meal,
No doubt, free as the sky is real.

Mounded ashes on routine breast,
it won't be nature's quest.

See the Cock peek the ant,
as the cat bites the rat.
Do you think this is nature?

If you do not beat the beast
And make him near the least,
Where lies the future?

Comments about Beat The Beast

when Godly madness made it a wonder to soul '' nibble back-keep to mouth-piece kept with the governess of maw. And priced the oblong of the beat. You’ve cursed God and us diurnal-beast. Your defacement to our face is facel'' a soul to divine lov

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