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Secluded Island

Oh, the white feathered clouds,
Where are you floating invisible,
While I am outroaring for you?
Why do you change the colour of feathers,
From white to dark at twilight,
Fledge my life now,
As I am stagnated in a secluded Island.

I was an indolent ship
Sailed over the ebb and flow of waves
Disobedient to the buoy.
I sailed my nautical miles
Without a captain with a compass on my deck.
Pirates of the blue sea abused me
As they found nothing valuable inside me.
O, the soul of the sailor lost in salinity
As I struck in rocks of a secluded Island
Where my wrecked soul screamed turbulently
Like the waves of a furious sea.

My lamentation awakened a love bird in that lonely land,
She had only broken wings and beady eyes,
She was also like me, floated, but in the sky
Without any companion and aim,
Disobedient to the cyclone and clouds
She too became a prey of pride like me
We solaced each other, balmed our pain
And shared our hopes together
For a steady life in the flow of life.
I promised her that,
I would show her a new shore
Like she swore me,
Her beady eyes would guide me
To that celestial shore of love.

Blessing is always pouring from heavens
As eternal like the cosmic truth
We prayed together looking up to the sky.
Oh, the gloomy clouds let wet us,
Wet us with your graced rain,
Which is filled in your soul.
Submerge the land from where we fixed
We no longer need a secluded Island in our life
Where there is no companion and peace
We want to sail to a celestial shore of love...
Let's wet, wet with your grace: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :

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