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Beating Father Death
(04 October 1943 / Germany)

Beating Father Death

There once was a fellow named Bart
he declared Father Death to be art
when the knock finally came
and death called out his name
he said, please, just one last farewell fart.

Father Death had ignored this small plea
Bart was home that was easy to see
when the loudest of farts
and it had to be Bart's
blew the reaper right down on his knee.

When the reaper is utterly humbled
and his job has been thoroughly bumbled
he will have to retreat
while admitting defeat
Bart was scared and he farted and mumbled.

So it is the olfactory nerve
that's the weak spot, it gives us new verve
so when Father death knocks
quickly strip off your socks
let him have it, say: 'Happy to serve.'

If collateral fallout disturbs you
a discloloured pyjama perturbs, too
then you don't wear a frown
but a wide open gown
it's what 'DEATH-I-WILL-FART' people must do.

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Comments (4)

wow....that sure was a great one...read a real beautifully hilarious one after such a long time....thank you herbert! ! ! ! ! :)))))))
Well, it's been done now, a poem about death and farts. My word, well I just never, I mean... {{{put}}}... well, excuse me, scared me to death. Ha Ha.... Great poem herbert.10+
I had a laugh about this poem, because when i write about death people seem to think i'm leaving the planet, so i must have a certain gift for writing about death, or it could be the raw emotion i put into my poems about death, if i say i love death would you be offended but i allso like a good laugh even about death when i finally have to leave the planet, i intend to put up a great fight with the grim reaper Warm regards AJS
You know, Herbert...stuffing it right back in father death's face can, indeed, be somewhat of a gas...don't you think...ha...this is a great one...LOVE it... Lare