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Beating Global Warming
FF (1-22-94 / kenya, africa)

Beating Global Warming

Poem By Faduma Fiasco

Will power is all it takes
to brighten up someone's day
cuz, pollute pollute is that all you can do
your killing the world we are all used to.....
people dying cause they can't handle it
animals dying cuz you know they cant battle it
their habitats are important to them like our homes to us
we need to stop global warming and thats a must! ! ! !
Pollution, extinction all of the above
killing animals just for a tiger skin rug...... where is the love?
animals do what they can to survive
we do wat we can to get by
Icebergs melting in oh, so cold places
why cant we pay attention to these faces
what can you do to help this cause
stop driving that H2 hummer and pause
Remember back in the daywhen the air was clean and fresh?
but now it only smells of gas and death
right now lets go back to the happier times
when you knew everything was fine
But that can be change for the better
and listen as i end this letter
look into the future and heed this warning

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Comments (2)

This poem is so true now only if you can explain it to the world...
i feel you with this poem