Beating Waters

As to a beating heart should I compare the ocean?
Separating life from death, happiness from depression.
Throwing itself against my skin, wrapping around me like lotion,
calming my nerves, seemingly showing discretion.
Should I believe these cunning waves, that seem to heal my soul,
or should I post guard around my heart and swim in it no more? 
 An action I can’t and will not take, or else I may go insane and out of control,
the warnings of the waves I am forced to ignore,
but I will stand strong as it pushes and pulls me down,
Yes I will take guard, but still rejoice and splash around,
In all today I promise the ocean can’t and won’t make me frown,
No, because I would never, ever, in all my life want to be earth bound.
Life will have it’s waves that are capable of swallowing us up,
But paddle back above the blue rough waters, and never dream of giving up.

by Jessica D. Hernandez

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