Beatnik Daydream

Beatniks waltz down Main
Fox trots at their shadows feats
As ‘Dog’ barks ‘Howl’ as a Lions Mane
Fox tangos down the street to beats

The Fox is who reads dreams
Of anti American (truly American)
‘America’ busts through the seams
At ‘City Lights’ place your own tin can

Rattle kachink sparks thought that rambles
Fill life, Real life, Fights of mind winning battles
Freeing mind from time and matter’s
Only illusion which ignorance straddles

‘Golden Eternity’ rings through all
Though population justly defines
It as sun through eyelids during a fall
Life forgetting life reclines

Pathetic living to blame the times
Fluxus freely ranting rhymes

by Christopher Fladd

Comments (2)

I wasn't sure the writer was old enough to know what a beatnik was. But, I thought he caught it just right. There is sarcasm and wit included. These things bespeak intelligence. Glad I read it. GW62
ok, first of all i have to say that usually when i randomly click on a newly submitted poem I'm pretty disappointed and rarely read past the first stanza, but this was far from disappointing...bravo for writing a clever and pertinent poem. I like how you take on the rythym and postures of beat poetry without trying to pass it off as's still your own. subtle sarcasm, lovely imagery and a nice roll off the tongue read.