i was right
you were wrong
i couldve taken more
i shouldve been more strong
but there comes a point

where you cant handle anymore
but my body was saying
'please stop, i am sore'
you thought i had
so much more endurance
i thought so too

but you gave me no reassurance
you said hold on tight
and take a seat
maybe shell stop
after this last beat

after this, maybe
there will be no more
maybe shes dont enough
maybe shes reached her core
but she never stopped

like you said she would
and my body had taken
all it could
my pride ceased me
from crying out in pain
i knew from that moment on
there was no one else to blame
it was my fault
for pretending to endure
acting like it never hurt

but now i am unsure
if i was in the right
because the beatings were out of the sort
i never let her see
the pain i was going through
emotionally and physically
didnt let her know what was true

and i couldnt believe these beatings
were constently reality
she make me feel the wrath
that led me to the New York City path
ive left her harmful prescense
and am no longer being hit
but now on the plane
where i sit

im staring out the window
wondering how this person
put me through so much
with only one work
or just one brush of her touch

by Selina Munsey

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Great poem, full of emotion. -Kylie M. Lynch